Both Sides of the Spectrum

This year we are taking Fort Lauderdale Art & Design Week to new heights. SmallTALK will be highlighting the creatives that make our star shine brighter. 

When we think about art and designs our minds are automatically drawn to paint brushes and canvases. But, what about the creatives behind the scenes, the ones who make up the art visuals to the audience. Imagine consultants, project managers, videographers, photographers, social media manager’s, and graphic designers are just a few of the components that are involved in creating the images and prospective that consumers identify with most. 

Throughout the week of Jan 18th – Jan 22nd  SmallTALK will be conducting behind the scene interviews with some of the creatives that lay the foundation for the artist we have come to know and love. We are hearing from the professionals, as to what it takes to create an identity that will stand the test of time in the art and design space.

both sides of the spectrum flyer